A Taste of Thai

Thai food is right at the top of my list of favorite cuisines. Having a roommate from Thailand in college, who, after four years of co-habitation is still one of my closest friends, means that (a) I’ve eaten some incredible Thai food and (b) I get to visit her/her family in Thailand and do more of (a). Thus, when OKO, The Lalit Ashok’s pan-Asian restaurant, hosts a Thai food festival, and the Chef in charge is their in-house Chef from Thailand, Chef Suriya Phusirimongkhonchai, you know I couldn’t resist! And now that the Bangalore climate seems to have come to its senses and we have cool, breezy and gorgeous evenings, OKO’s outdoor dining area is the perfect spot to dine. So, if you’re looking for some excellent Thai food and a fine dine (it’s on the pricey side) dinner this weekend, you should go to OKO, since the Think Thai Festival ends on Sunday, June 5th.

We chose to pair our meal with a bottle of Sula Rasa, which was dry and worked well with all the courses. Khao Soi, a Northern Thai curried noodle soup dish with boiled egg, was our first taste of the goodness to come. Som Tam, that delicious, tangy raw papaya salad with peanuts, that is the only form in which I like papaya, was next. Phae Thod Phad Namphrik Phao, crispy mutton with chilli paste, is another favorite and Chef’s rendition was just lovely, as was our other starter, the Kai Takrai, Lemongrass Chicken, crispy and fried.

Thai Fried Rice and a beautifully flavored Green Curry (with chicken), as well as Pla Nung Manao, a Steamed Seabass with lemon chili paste that was that special combo of simplicity and depth of flavors. We were full but the dessert offering of Mangoes and Sticky Rice meant that I ignored my fullness and dove in – what with it being one of my most favorite (and the yummiest) of Thai desserts. I liked that Chef had served the coconut cream on the side, rather than drizzled it on top, so one could adjust the flavor according to one’s taste. All in all, a wonderful meal in a ambience that makes you forget all your troubles and soak in the open air and sky.

Think Thai Food Festival; Dinner only; OKO, The Lalit Ashok Bangalore; INR 4000 plus taxes for two people.


We were served these Vodka-based Test Tube shots – really delicious and had it not been a Monday night, I would have indulged in a few more!


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