Another Sunday, Another Beautiful Brunch – BG’s at Courtyard Bengaluru

I am an unabashed Sunday brunch fan. The idea of waking late, and then spending a few hours indulging in food and drink in the company of friends – it is the day of rest, and I can’t think of a better way to start it off! Since I also belong to the “will travel for good food” mindset, a trip to Marathahalli to check out the recently launched brunch at BG’s (Bar and Grills, natch!), a restaurant that does double duty for both the Marriott Courtyard and Fairfield by Marriott hotels, which share the space, was not daunting. And the somewhat less crowded roads of a Sunday noon helped too.


On arriving at BG’s, the sight that first greets your eye as you get off the elevator is the dessert spread – it takes up the entire wall, multiple tables laden with all sorts of sweet goodies – and you already know that your “dessert stomach” will need to be in top form! Plus, it’s always good to get a glimpse of dessert first, right?

They have some fantastic cocktails on offer, and each week, a rotating special cocktail bar is set up – the week we went it was Mojitos, and there were a variety of fruits and syrups to choose from – I unabashedly dug into the pitcher that came to our table, and my glass too, to get at the alcohol soaked peaches therein (you can get the mojitos customized with the fruit of your choosing – kiwi, peach and so on). We were told the earlier weeks had seen Martinis and Margaritas as well.


BG’s specialty cocktails were also brought to our table, like the potent Rainbow, a ginormous tube glass filled with vodka and a variety of syrups, layered to give it psychedelic colors, and which was so generously proportioned that an actual tube was cut to be the straw, as no mere straw would have sufficed! The Mugga is a literal steel mug with peach syrup that had a bottle of beer upturned into it, causing a slow mix of the flavors for a rather yummy beer cocktail. Another one that packed quite the punch was the whiskey+cinnamon+Earl Grey tea cocktail, that came with some theatrics – smoked cinnamon is brought to the table under a glass, which is then upended, and the cinnamon added to a tumbler, to which is then added the cocktail from a shaker, followed up with a second cinnamon stick for good measure.


A standout dish that was unique and which I would go back to eat, was the innovative cold pizza. The Chefs made sure to introduce us to this delightful Japanese inspired dish, which you can order a la carte any time, and which is one of BG’s very cool, special, and one of a kind offerings. Red bell peppers that had been blanched and chilled were layered to form the pizza base, and topped with liberal squiggles of  Japanese mayo, dots of truffle oil, radish, microgreens, edible flowers – hello heaven! There was also a tuna tartare version, but the bell peppers were the clear winner!


The food options are plentiful, covering appetizers (including fantastic cold cuts and cheese platters). A shout-out to the minds behind this section; apart from lovely presentation, the variety and mix of flavors and ingredients made for unique and tasty eating. I am a big fan of cold appetizers, especially salads and cold cuts, and BG’s certainly impressed on this score. Expectation of a brunch is generally of an opulent spread, but BG’s exceeds even such expectations!


There were also baked and au gratin dishes, shawarma, kebabs and Indian grills, and so on. The pastas, bakes, and meat sections were overflowing with choice and once again, presentation was part of the appeal – in fact, across the board, this brunch was high on both presentation and flavor! I loved the enthusiasm of all the staff – the chefs manning the various stations, from sandwiches to kebabs and chaats, to grills and live counters.


There is a good selection of North Indian mains (mutton biryani, dal, paneer, chicken, nihari and more), as well as a big chaat counter. There’s also a huge grill space – the place does have the word grill in its name after all! – with fresh meats (chicken, lamb, fish, prawn) temptingly laid out on ice, in giant aluminum buckets which proudly proclaimed the type of offering. Make your choice and they will be grilled to order, and served to the table. I also liked the finger foods in the form of fried shrimp, popcorn chicken, and fish fingers, that you could munch on to assuage early hunger pangs as you awaited your grills.

A poolside, rooftop brunch setting is ideal, especially given Bangalore weather. With high bar stool/table seating as well as regular chairs and tables scattered around the pool, and a special indoor area for the kiddies with activities, BG’s is hitting all the right notes. And given that I walked away at the end of the afternoon without disliking or having a negative comment about any of the dishes that day, I have to give this brunch full marks, for it’s rare indeed for me to be able to say that!

Details: Sundays from 12.30-3.30pm; BG’s, Courtyard Bengaluru; INR 1999 plus taxes per person, including alcohol/INR 1499 plus taxes without alcohol


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