When Tea was Queen: Brunch at Vivanta by Taj

For my first post of 2018, the Tea-inspired Brunch at Vivanta by Taj is apt – after all, tea makes my world go round! My day is book ended by cups of tea – it is not exaggeration to say I drink anything from 6 to 10 cups of tea a day! So, when the invite came to be a part of a tea focused brunch, I couldn’t say no, even though I wasn’t well. In celebration of International Tea Day which falls on December 15th, the weekly Sunday brunch was dressed up in everything tea. Aside from the usual spread that includes sushi, salads, grills, and an array of live counters for pasta, Thai curries, south Indian fare and more, there were special tea infused dishes that day. A really fun touch was the quotes on tea by famous writers and such, that had been painstakingly written on chalkboard or else printed out as banners, as well as the tea paraphernalia decorations.

From cocktails made with tea (Tetley Green and Black, but naturally since Tata Global Beverages was the partner), to a tea infused soup, as well as tea in the marinades of the meats on the grill, to of course, the easiest and best tea pairing – desserts, this was one tea-licious affair! Garnished with a fresh strawberry, the raspberry and black tea cocktail was definitely the winner of the day – refreshing and with the tea flavor definitely in play. I felt the same of the soup – Chef had kept the spices light so as to allow the black tea taste to come through. The prawns, fish, chicken, and beef marinated with black tea and then grilled up were all nice, but one definitely had to work to garner the tea taste. Of the lot, the beef was my favorite.

The desserts were where the tea flavors shone best. Special mention for the creative and quite good Green Tea Rasgulla. Chef had chosen to use Earl Grey (which is one of my addictions, I confess – I carry my Tetley Earl Grey teabags with me wherever I go!) in some of the desserts, which meant I was particularly happy and dug in with gusto. From Earl Grey Pannacotta to Earl Grey Choux, the flavors were well-matched and prominent. Earl Grey works very well in desserts! There were also Black Tea Macaroons and a gorgeous Black Tea Parfaite that made for the perfect ending to the meal along with, what else – a cup of Earl Grey!


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