About Me


Eating out, the fact that my mom is a fantastic cook, and a lifetime of appreciating good food, whether a home cooked meal or at a restaurant in any city/country I’ve lived in or visited, alongside a flair for writing and painting pictures with my words, meant that becoming a food writer was a rather good fit.

For the better part of the last five years, ever since I moved back to India, I wrote reviews and columns on restaurant experiences and dining out, covering Bangalore for a well-known multi-city food site.

PlatedThoughts is my maiden venture as a solo food blogger, and I will be writing about my food and travel adventures. Having been bestowed the slightly dubious title of “Food Cop” by some close friends, I am always the one who gets handed a menu when it’s time to order, be it at a restaurant or when calling in for food. So, from my plate and my mind, I will share my thoughts on where to eat, and what to eat where, in Bangalore predominantly, as well as whenever I travel…


Featured on iDiva: “Travel Hacks: 5 Travel Bloggers Share Practical Tips For Packing”

Interviewed by Fine Dine Love: “#Follow the Foodie: Natasha Ali”




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